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Neither a stressful divorce nor a traumatic accident killed me, though they could have. To find my "plan B", I had to get back up, open my mind and my heart to possibilities. Real Talk, not sympathy, is how I got past toxic relationships, life's curve balls and other obstacles that stood in the way of my joy.

Get up, get unstuck and be honest about what's holding YOU back.

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About Donna

As an author and speaker, Donna Valentino offers REAL TALK to inspire a breakthrough that only happens when you get honest about what's holding you back, open your mind to practical advice but listen to your heart as well.

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Live Life to the Fullest

Donna's new book, Heartstrong, offers honest, practical advice for unexpected life struggles. Instead of staying stuck, she guides you to see possibilities. A new outlook uncovers your resiliency, opportunities, freedom and forgiveness so you can discover what path to take in the next chapter of your life.

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Real Talk with Donna

Speaking Events

Donna can customize an inspirational message to inspire your audience, large or small.


Donna is a powerful advocate for TBI support groups and organizations.

Donna Live On Line

Google Hangouts and FB Live events for groups of all sizes.


Getting away for an escape, plus Donna's powerful message, can inspire a different perspective on life.

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